Al-Jazeera Al Arabiya for Internet Services Communication
one of the leading companies in the Internet Providing and network solutions , It and was founded in 2004 in Baghdad, have interacted with all communications systems and information systems where it began in the installation of information technology systems, VSAT , and this initially launched Al Jazeera Al-Arabiya in the field of Internet services to cover All regions of Iraq, according to the latest modern techniques in the field of communications and wireless technologies. The company is a leading position in the field of telecommunications in Iraq and in 2006 proceeded to expand its technologies to include (Wireless Point to Point) and then used the (Fiber Optic) in 2010.

Aims of the Al-Jazeera Al Arabiya to connect customers via the Internet with high quality services.

Our goal is to go beyond the expectations of customers and employees in terms of providing them with the experience of communication.

Our company provides all the Iraqi provinces except Kurdistan region, Also we have repeaters covered all Baghdad.

Technical Support
Al-Jazeera Al Arabiya providing the most advanced and experienced technical support to customers and providing professional consultancy about networks and implementation.